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Home Cleaning Service by HelpToClean Vs Foreign Domestic Maid

Employing an Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) is a serious commitment. Besides paying salaries, employers are held responsible for other obligations, including providing for the maintenance and upkeep of the FDW, her medical treatment, and subsequently sending her home at the end of her employment. Today, MOM hold the employer fully responsible for the FDW’s well-being throughout her stay in Singapore. Having the FDW work for more than one employer with multiple duties and higher expectations could lead to overwork by the FDW. Disputes may also arise on who should be liable for the FDW’s well-being. As a result, many households that do not need full-time domestic help can opt for part-time help through #HelpToClean that specialise in housecleaning service. This alternative allows households the flexibility to select the frequency of services provided according to their needs and at the same time keep cost to a minimum.

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