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Please Help Our Unsung Heroes, Cleaners, by Improving Their Lifestyle

It has often been the case whereby parents often said to their child "if you don't study well, you will be like the cleaner over there". However, it is time to change this mentality as many cleaners whom we have worked with are actually very hardworking and compassionate and they deserve more recognition in life. Without them, the entire place will be filled up with dirts and yet they are often being seen as "lower class" people and also one who don't receive that much benefits as compared to people who are seen as "middle-high class people". There is a Chinese saying "职业不分贵贱" which translates to "The job you are in doesn't define you as a person". From time to time, our helpers will volunteer to go to elderly houses who require our help so as to contribute back to this society and this is something many upper class people never ever thought of doing.

HelpToClean have collaborated with a number of cleaning companies and realised that they do not care a single bit about cleaner's well-being. Owners of companies out there only care about numbers instead of understanding how tough the job is. Many of the cleaners got to work even if they are sick with fear of getting penalised. However, we refused to be like them and continued to cover any penalties given by other companies (given that we collaborate with them) if it is not the cleaner's fault. We find it unreasonable to penalise someone if they are on MC or after they get into an accident even when we are able to get a replacement. To avoid getting penalties by other companies, our helpers sometimes endured humiliation from customers which we remembered one of them saying: what gives them the rights to say what they can and cannot do, they are just cleaners. We cancelled the customer straight away and we got penalty for that too. And, all these are causing financial difficulty for us just because we are fighting for cleaner's rights.

With cleaners earning a low amount of salary and long working hours, how can we improve their lifestyle? We are planning to give them shorter working hours, higher bonus and more rest time, etc. But how to achieve all this? We require more fundings so as to bring this message to wider audience as well as working on marketing so as to rely lesser on other companies (who only look at numbers). HelpToClean wishes to provide our helpers a better and happier place that they deserve to have and most importantly, help as many cleaners as possible by giving what they deserve.

Would appreciate if everyone could give some support to our helpers by improving their life :) It's not about the amount of money but the thoughts and every small little action counts. They all are not robots but just like me and you. We all deserve to be treated equally and with the same respect.

HelpToClean would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards Ms. Ho Ching, wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, for sharing our campaign. We really appreciate it and will do our best to improve the life of cleaners, be it, locals or foreigners.

Our efforts alone are not enough and YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOW via the link below:

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