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90% Of Childhood Leukemia Is Attributed To Formaldehyde: 


Because the density of formaldehyde is greater than air, the concentration of formaldehyde is generally slightly higher at levels below 1 meter.  Children are 2-3 times more exposed than adults.

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Formaldehyde Directly Accelerates The Worsening Of Age-Related Diseases: 

Due to limited mobility, the elderly spend a longer time indoors. Therefore, their respiratory system ages, and their nervous system responses become sluggish.

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Over 70% Of Infertility And Fetal Abnormalities Are Related To The Hazards Of Formaldehyde:

The time spent indoors can reach up to 80%. Fetuses are highly sensitive to harmful substances. The fetus's defense mechanisms and detoxification systems are not as developed as those of a fully developed newborn or adult.

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3 Methods for Removing Formaldehyde

The choice of method depends on the severity of formaldehyde pollution and personal preferences. Adsorption or Capture method alone is not recommended as it only has temporary effect. 

A combination is often used to obtain optimal result. The choice between these methods depends on the specific pollutants, the desired outcome, and the environmental conditions. 

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Decomposition (Permanent)

Our Treatment Process


Arrange a site assessment with our IAQ Specialist


Testing the initial amount of Formaldehyde present in the air.

Our Detector device boasts data precision extending to the third decimal place, a notable advantage over the majority of devices available in the market, which typically offer precision only up to the second decimal place.


Air Purification and VOC Decomposition
Sealing Materials
Advanced Protection


Re-test will be done typically after the next 7 Days to show the drop in Formaldehyde present in the air.


Safe To Move In if readings are within safety level.


 Complementary Air Treatment within 1 year if the Formaldehyde present in the air is within safety level (0.08 ppm).*

*Refer to T&Cs

What To Expect

Instant Decrease of Odour and VOCs In The Air

70 - 96.3% Reduction, Depending On The Solution Chosen.

100% Guaranteed Results. Complimentary Service Within 1 Year should Formaldehyde level reaches unacceptable level (>0.08 ppm)*

*HelpToClean only recognise readings from our IAQs (which comes at a cost), Government Agencies or List of laboratories accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council. Moreover, it is with the assumption that no new sources / products that contribute to off-gassing are added.

Trained Professionals, Advanced Equipments, Methods and Lab Tested Solutions Imported From Japan.

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